Five truths for planning your next boating vacation

Why Booking a Vacation with Your Boat Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

To tow or not to tow, that is the question. Actually, there are more questions than one when it comes to considering a boat-friendly vacation. We've compiled five truths, the good and the bad,for those planning to take a boat along on their next vacation.

  1. Just Finding a Rental (Among All the Rentals)
    Finding a boat-friendly vacation rental is difficult, if you don't know where to look. The key to this truth is the second part. Have you ever tried going to a typical vacation rental site to find a rental with criteria such as, "Can 1 park my boat trailer on-site?" If you don't know where to begin your search, finding a vacation rental with boat facilities like boat slips, a boat launch or marina isn't always an easy task. Begin your search online at Here, you'll find a large selection of boat-friendly rentals with the amenities that are most important to you in destinations that appeal to boaters.
  2. Proximity: Towing
    Towing a boat increases your gas budget. Perhaps no truer truth has ever been spoken about a boating vacation. Yes, the extra weight behind your truck means extra money in the tank. But, for those who love life on the water, it's a small sacrifice to make. Budget accordingly. This may mean choosing a destination that is in close proximity, less than a five-hour drive from your home.
  3. Boat rentals can be an affordable alternative to a full-fledged boating vacation.
    If the expense of towing your boat is too great or your destination is too far away, research boat rentals in your destination. Many lakes and beachfront cities will offer a selection of boat rentals, including pontoon rentals for boating and relaxing or center-console boats for fishing. Determine which type of vessel suits you and visit the area's tourism bureau website for boat rental companies. Of course, you can always search Google for rentals in your destination. Begin your search early and make your reservation in advance. You'll likely find most boat rental companies allow full-day and half-day rentals, however you may get lucky and find weeklong rentals, as well.
  4. Different locations have different boating laws.
    Don't risk being pulled over by the marine police. Brush up on your boating laws prior to your trip, especially if you'll be vacationing in a different state. When you're a visitor on body of water you don't normally boat on, be a good neighbor and adhere to all wake zone area, keep the trash out of the splash and be respectful of those who call the area home, including wild life and marine life.
  5. A boating vacation is in a league all its on.
    If you love the boating life, being on the water can be one of the most invigorating and exciting or calming and relaxing experiences you've ever had. Depending on your mood and what you expect from your trip, your emotions could go either way. There's no better way to experience a destination than on the water. You can go where cars can't take you, into protected inlets and secluded coves where you can spend the day fishing or relaxing on the bank. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

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