Frequently Asked Questions


There are a few different ways to search for a listing.

1) From the homepage, select the "Search Listings" button in the middle of the page.

2) Use the dropdown menus located at the top of the page to select a State/City/Condo Complex combination if you have a preferred location you are looking at.

3) If you know the listing ID of the property, you can use the Search by ID in the upper left hand corner of the homepage.

4) Scroll down to see our newest listings and go directly to the property description from there.
Once you submit an inquiry it goes directly to the owner/property manager's e-mail address. We encourage owners and managers to reply within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of an inquiry. If you have not received a reply within a timely manner, it is best to inquire on additional properties.

If you would like to report non-responsive owners, please contact customer support. Be sure to include the Listing ID#. Our staff will make an attempt to reach out to the listing's owner or manager to verify that they are correctly receiving inquiries & to update the availability calendar if necessary.
General Information about protecting yourself when renting by owner.

Our goal is to provide a platform for property owners and managers to advertise their rental properties and for travelers to easily find vacation rentals. Our company and all of our websites do not participate in and are not party to any of the rental transaction process. The rental arrangements and all transactions are made between owner/property manager and the traveler/guest.

The listings are created by the owner/property manager using a step by step process and we do not verify ownership or visit the properties in person.

Our company and its websites cannot make any guarantees of the legitimacy of a listing.

The owner of a property will usually require a deposit and may expect full payment before your arrival. Before making any deposits, it is recommended that you perform due diligence to verify a rental property's legitimacy.

The following are a few suggestions and tips.

• Speak to the owner by phone. Ask questions.

• Ask for referrals from previous renters and if there are references from company who services the property such as a lawn, pool or cleaning service.

• Do a google search for the property address and see if anything suspicious comes up.

• Always request and review a completed rental agreement or contract before sending any payment. Make sure the contract/agreement specifies the dates of your stay, the pricing details as well as cancellation and refund details.

• Never pay using a cash, wire transfer, cashier's check, or an instant money transfer method like MoneyGram, Western Union.

• It is best to pay by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer (not wire transfer) once you have confirmed and are satisfied with the arrangements that you have made.

• Search the internet for tips for renting by owner, safe payment methods when renting by owner, etc.
I have sent an inquiry and have received a reply. How do I proceed?

The owner/manager should provide details on their individual booking process. Normally it involves verifying the details of the booking and then applying a credit card or check to secure the property. Each individual owner has their own process so you may have to be flexible on the terms. However if you suspect fraud on any of our owners/managers, report it immediately to our customer service so that we may investigate.
Be sure to select the center button labeled "Search for Rental" on the homepage. This will bring you to a page with many search options, one of which is whether the property allows pets.

Property Owner/Manager

To create a listing, visit our home page and select 'Create Property Listing' at the very top of the page and follow the simple step by step process. Complete the detail section, then add photos, add rates and complete payment. Once you have paid your listing will be live. New listings will be reviewed by staff and if any recommendations are made or changes needed you will be notified by email.
Visit our home page, select "Login" at the very top of the website, select Property Owners and Managers option and enter your account's email address and password.
To update your calendar, log into your account. Using the menu on the left side of your owner dashboard, select "Availability Calendar", then select "Edit Bookings". If you have more than one property, it will allow you to select which property you would like to modify your availability. Once you have the calendar open, simply click on the calendar to change the status of the property on that date (open, pending, booked), or use the date range tool to update several days at once.
To delete your listing, select 'Delete listing' from the menu on the left hand side of your User Dashboard under the heading 'Listings'. You will get a confirmation box asking if you are sure, then choose delete. If you have more than one listing, they will each be listed and you can select which listing you wish to delete.
Log-in, then on your Owner dashboard, user the menu on the left side of the page. Select "My Listings", then select "Pay / Renew Subscription", each property you have listed will be displayed by Listing ID#. In each listing you will see its current status and expiration date. Simply click the "Select" button to the right of the listing you wish to renew. This will take you to the Payment screen.

The payment screen will allow you renew any/all of your listings by clicking the tab for each, and indicating whether you would like to 'opt-in' to discounted webpacks for each property. Your total will be summarized below in the right hand column and if you click on the icons for each webpack, you will get a detailed explanation of what each has to offer. Insert any coupon codes you may have (only one valid per account renewal), then select 'Purchase'.

'Automatically renew my subscription' - if you checkmark this feature we'll renew your listing automatically next year on your renewal date without you having to do anything. This ensures your listing will be viewable uninterrupted, and won't be removed on your annual renewal date, we'll bill your credit card automatically, and you can uncheck this feature at any time you wish. If you do not checkmark this feature, you'll be sent a reminder email to renew on your annual renewal date. If you don't renew by your expiration date, your listing will be pulled from viewing on our websites, until payment is received.
Follow the log in steps and the log in page has a link to reset password. Select the link and you will receive an email to reset your password. If you are still having trouble, please contact customer service and we can reset your password for you.
Email addresses can only be changed by our customer support center. To change your email address contact customer support. Your change request will only be made with a written request and the account name and listing ID number must be included. We do not change email addresses over the phone.
Your leads are sent to the email address associated with the account. Once a guest fills out the contact form and submits, the inquiry is automatically sent to your email. You can also check your leads at all times by logging into your account. We also have a feature where you can receive lead notification via text. This is an optional feature that allows instant notification of a potential renter.
There are different reasons that a listing status is disabled, but the main reason that a listing becomes disabled is due to changes in the listing that violates our Terms of Service (TOS). Our subscription prices are very low and we do not allow for substitutions of properties. Once a listing has become live, any changes in the listing that would indicate that it is different from the original listing will automatically disable the listing pending review from customer support, even correcting a typo. If it appears that the changes that disabled the listing were corrections to the same rental unit of the original ad, then your listing will be reactivated by customer support upon notification. If it has been changed to a different rental unit, the listing will remain disabled until a new payment has been made or until the listing has been returned to its original rental unit.
If you have any other questions regarding this please contact customer support.
9 photos uploads are included in the price of the listing. You can have up to 20 photos. Each photo over 9 are $7.95 per photo. Photo guidelines are posted in the photo upload section.
Click on the link 'MyListings' on the left-hand toolbar, select 'Edit/Change Listing', make your changes and be sure to 'Save Changes' when you are finished.

Each Section:
Basic Listing Info - Your headline (the most important part of your listing, along with photos & rates), what niches you accommodate (pet-friendly, boat-friendly, allowing long-term stays, etc.), your availability & whether you accept credit cards.AddressSelf-explanatory - list your rental property listing's address (this will plug-in to our map feature)Housing DetailsNumber of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Square Footage, Number of people your property sleeps, smoking/non, whether you have a guestbook, as well as what floor and how high or low it is.AmenitiesCheck-mark all that apply & there is a text-box for you to elaborate on the unique amenities that make your rental listing more appealing - please spend some time on this & conveying emotions & being complete in explaining every amenity.EntertainmentThis is intended to explain your in-house entertainment options, many guests prefer larger flat-panel TVs, with DVDs (whether blue ray or not), wireless internet, stereos and more. Please take time to list out the high-end features of each of these entertainment options in the text block provided.UtilitiesCheck-mark all utilities that are available, and then explain which are provided, if any, and expand on any explanations you wish to convey to your potential guest and tenant.Scenic ViewIf you rental has a view of a mountain, the city, a park, golf course, the Ocean, a Lake/River/Intracoastal Canal, marina, etc., this your opportunity to showcase a description what is unique about scenery from your property.
How to Edit Pictures

We've enhanced the photo upload interface & added a space where you can specify which of your pictures is shown in what sequential order, from first to last! Add a description to each photo so that it's clear what each is representing (elaborate if you wish), and you can now add even more than 9 photos, if you wish!

ADDITIONAL PHOTOS = higher ranking!

Wish to gain more prominent placement & visibilty on our website? One of the main criteria we use to rank which listings display first (higher on the page) for each city is the number of photos you add - each additional photo will incur a charge of $7.95 per additional photo, and not only moves your listing up the list, but also provides more info for our visitors to see!

How to Edit Rates

We have added a new feature, breaking-out the Monthly pricing & availabilty from the Daily/Nightly pricing & availability. This gives potential guests the ability to see WHICH months are available more easily & gives you the opportunity to advertise available months, without receiving inquiries for months that are already filled - everyone wins!!

Also, if you prefer a 3-month, 4-month, 5-month, 6-month rental over a several 1-month or 2-month rental, we've added the feature to offer a discount for longer multi-month stays, featured more prominently to attract those guests that are seeking these longer stays.

Still available are features to list rates based on specific dates, deposit required, application fee, length of lease required, whether you want guests to call for 'Special Rates', and whether your unit is subject to rent control, and of course a large text block for you to be able to explain all above in more detail.